D Y Patil Group

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    Our mission statement is ‘To create a community of life-long learners working together in a caring challenging and nurturing environment that encourages enthusiasm, international mindedness, independence and responsibility where academic and personal potential can be achieved.'

    To achieve this mission we aim at enhancing each year our academic programmes and extra-curricular activities at school so that every student develops holistically to his/her full potential and becomes a life-long learner and a sensitized human being, equipped to face the challenges of the world.

    With each challenge accomplished, no matter how small, our students competence and confidence will grow, providing them with the momentum to accomplish things they never would have thought possible.

    They will expand their world view…..They will learn to lead…..They will do great things. Our challenge is to guide them without pushing, support them without carrying.

    Finding intellectual mentors among accomplished faculty members, making lifelong friendships, exposure to new innovative ideas, all these things will be hallmarks of a time of intense growth and exploration on the part of your children at D Y Patil International School.

    I am as excited as my students and my team are, as we embark on a new learning journey in this academic year.

    Surabhi Deshpande